Lip Plumper Device – Mexitop Automatic Fuller Lip Plumper Enhancer, Intelligent Pause Function, USB Charging, Portable Hand-size, 3 Different Suction, 2 Styles +Bonus Sponge Protection Pad (Rose Red)


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The best lip plumper is one that is safe, economical and effective. And is a great option for women who desire fuller lips but do not want to have cosmetic surgery or a needle stuck in their lips. Here at the best lip plumper that manufactured by Mexitop helps to make you have fuller lips in seconds. It is a relatively inexpensive and less painful way to achieve fuller, soft, kissable lips.

Get 2018 the most popular lip fuller device on the go!

The Best Lip Plumper is a term which is misleading to say the least. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. This is especially true when dealing with the cosmetic industry. Our judgments can be further clouded by big brands that have big promises when it comes to our looks. For this reason, I have included key factors which are important in choosing the lip plumper for you.

Factor #1 – Ingredients.
Natural and chemical ingredients work best. Our electric lip plumper is totally based on natural and physical method to give your lips a quick fuller way. Without any chemical things.

Factor #2 – Money Back Guarantee.
If a product does not work, you should at least be able to get your money back. Reputable products should contain a money back guarantee. You shouldn’t be left with an empty wallet and no results. That’s what we aim to do. We’re doubling the Length of Amazon’s Guarantee. 30 days is good, but 60 days return policy and with 1 year warranty is our sincerity to every customer. No question asked, no strings attached, your purchase is totally risk-free.

Factor #3 – You.
Yes, you read that correctly. Use a lip plumper for at least 30 days constant using. Too many times, we buy a product, use it for a week and then throw it in the garbage. In order to have lasting results you desire, you need to be patient and use the lip plumper on a consistent basis. The ladder holds true even for the best lip plumper brand.


  • Completely Natural Material and Method. There is not a woman on this planet that wouldn’t want amazing full lips. The process to do cosmetic surgery can be painful among many other problems you don’t want to deal with. Our amazing formula uses all natural method and material without any chemical inside. Strictly passed all the testing like CE, ROHS and FDA, these international standards to ensure every our customer feel free to use it.
  • Intelligent Pause & Shut Off Function Design for Safety, Easy to Use with LED Lights Indication. Unlike other full lips device, you have to go through all the process to stop the device. But it’s too late that your lips hurt. Just long press the device and you can stop whenever you want, even answering a phone call. There are 3 different suction shifts for your lip plumping, you can choose according to how you feel and what effect or charming fuller lips you want.
  • Saving Your Time on Lip Makeup, Portable Hand-size and Light Weight. Unlike traditional lip plumper device, you need pay much time to get your lip pumped before you going out. This automatic lip enhancement help you to spend less time on lip makeup. Never get your boyfriend, husband or female friend annoyed by waiting you for long time. You can put it into your cosmetic bag which gives you the chance to have sexy lips whenever and wherever possible.
  • USB Charging for Durable Using Time, Convenient and Environmental-friendly. No need to buy extra battery, more eco-friendly and safer for your living environment. One full-time charge can meet 1.5 hours continuously using, it equals to 12 days (per day 10 minutes) using for only one time charge.
  • Especially Design to Prevent Bruising and Injury. We designed soft silicone touching mouth and inside the mouth, there is a sponge part that gives your lips a soft touch and reduces some straight suction from the pumper. What we need is a gradual lip plumping progress. We have done extensive testing on hundreds of individual people, results may vary. But it mainly shows it is safe and easy to use. And a person will become accustomed to the process after the first treatment or two.


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